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  • Microphones



    Audix Ohm 2 $10 each
    Condenser Wired Mic $28.00 each
    Dynamic Wired Mic $10.00 each
    High End Condensers $50.00 each
    Recording Mics Call For P & D
    Samsung Wireless Clip-on  $40.00 each
    Shure SM58  $10.00 each
    Shure Beta 58  $15.00 each
    Shure PGX Digital SM86  $60.00 each
    Shure PGX Wireless Handheld $60.00 each
    Shure PGX Wireless Handheld SM58, SM86, SM87 $50.00 each
    Shure Wireless Clip-on $60.00 each
    Shure Wireless Headset Mic $60.00 each
    Stage Condensor Mics $30.00 each
    Wireless Instrument $40.00 each
    Dual Gemini UHF Wireless Clip-on $40.00 pair

    *Prices are per day. Consideration offered for multi-day use.
    *Call (413) 478-8141 for info
    *Prices subject to change.
    *Additional fees for delivery and tech support.
    *Discounts available for professionals.