• About Us

  • Chris Hamel Productions is a DJ and Entertainment service, located in Agawam, Massachusetts. We serve much of New England, as well as remote locations with destination event plans. My DJ and Entertainment Services include many options and add-on features, as well as private equipment rental options.

    My love for music began at a very young age. I took advantage of any opportunity to learn to play the guitar., and began to formally study both guitar and bass in college. Thankfully, I also found a talent with the microphone, as both MC and entertainer in many bands along the way.

    During these years, I also discovered that weddings and other events I had attended were enhanced so much by the "music people", be they bands or Disc Jockeys. I began to notice the difference between good quality and not-so-good quality entertainers by the crowd and host reactions.

    I also learned that wedding events were so important to the brides, grooms and families, that they deserved to have consistent top quality services during their special day.

    This became the catalyst that brings my services to you today.

    Chris Hamel Productions was proudly launched in 2003 with the determination and energy to bring you consistent great quality entertainment for your Wedding, Dance, Corporate Party or any other event requiring carefully managed music and/or entertainment.

    My staff and I have developed ways to help an event to help an event host plan and execute the event in a smooth, accurate fashion which fits nicely around the chosen theme. With a friendly attitude and years of knowledge and experience, this has proven to be a valuable asset to the hundreds of clients with whom we have worked.

    One contact with us will show you how our passion for helping you has provided me with "the best job on the planet".



  • Background

    Chris Hamel's love of music began as a musician, studying guitar and bass in high school and then in college. That transitioned into being an entertainer as well as an MC with many different bands. His move into the Disc Jockey world was the next step for him, and he has enjoyed this work since 2003.